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Business Loans

We provide business loans for all types of requirements. From inventory loans to working capital. We have plenty of solutions from $10,000 to $500,000.

Spot Factoring

Spot Factoring is a type of debt factoring that is an on-demand financing solution. You may just require a single invoice to be factored, giving you the money on that invoice 30-40 days quicker than if you wait on your customer for payment.

A simple yet incredibly effective way to increase the working capital of a business without the hassle, and yet on-demand when you need it.

Full Factoring

Full Factoring financing is a type of debt factoring that can be a solution to your businesses cash flow or working capital problems.

Invoice funding works outside the parameters of traditional banking facilities by giving you cash in advance that you would normally have paid to you by your debtors in 30 – 120 days time.

If you operate in New Zealand and have a sales ledger showing invoices payable to you in 30 – 120 days time, then Invoice Funders might be in a position to help you.